A princess cursed from birth, a loyal knight worthy of being king, and a sword that can determine their destiny.

Jody Hedlund’s sequel to Enamored continues the sage of knights in a King Arthur fashion. If you liked Idylls of the King then you’ll enjoy this one.

I actually liked this one more than the first since it reminded me a little more of King Arthur, minus Lancelot and Guinevere.

It’s a happy tale following peasant girl Lis who’s grown up far from the castles and knights imprinting with a dragon and loving rural life. Her world is shaken in the first book when a princess hides on her farm. Come to find out the princess has a long lost sister-Lis.

It’s mostly a love story of the Knight Ansgar who recovers on Lis’ farm and falls for her despite their different upbringings.

If you like Melanie Dickerson or any of Hedlund’s other books you will enjoy this one!

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